Our friend just finished building up a simply gorgeous custom bike with a VELOCI
OLD STREET frame set. All the goodies are chosen for this one.

Parts highlights:
Rolf Prima track wheels, Sram Omnium, Chris King headset, Thomson Elite Stem,
and seatpost, Brooks C13 carbon rack saddle, Crank Bother Cobalt 3 handlebar and
ODI grips. Check out the Paul Components seat collar!!! Can’t wait to see how this
beast with use.


For the upcoming year, PLAN Big will have removable v-brake stud on both frame fork, so we can keep the frame set versatile and clean after built up. It is certainly a
great news for bike travelers & commuters who still prefer v-brake or cantlever
brake than disc brake. Geometry & paint scheme of PLAN Big are staying the same, 
because we do think they are already great. However, you will see more colors
coming for next year to fit PLAN Big lovers with different tastes and characters.


OG steel is our first road bike model which with the functionality of a contemporary
bike and with full respect of the classics. After around half year waiting, OG Steel is
finally back in stock. New coming OG Steel still remains the same all-road geometry
and paint scheme. The two new features included replaceable dropout and segment steel
fork with ideal mounts for rack and fenders. The complete bike is current with
SHIMANO 105 group set. OG steel still standouts in a world of alloy and carbon fiber,
ride one for yourself and feel the greatness of a steel road bike can be.


Really thanks for the interview from BIKERUMOR during Taipei Cycle show 2017.   The two bikes they interested most is our GRAVEL bike DISKO and 26” TOURING  Bike PLAN Big.

The following links are the full interview from BIKERUMOR and introductions of DISKO and PLAN Big.

BIKERUMOR interview: http://bit.ly/2p2ydUP

Introductions of DISKO: http://bit.ly/2p2leSV

Introductions of PLAN Big: ttp://bit.ly/2p2ex3g


We love selling complete bikes because it’s the fastest way for our clients to taste and enjoy our bikes. But we also love to see more customizations so we can see all the different potential on our bikes.

Jeff chooses cool gray DISKO as his first gravel bike. He purchased most black components to pop up the DISKO paint schemes, such as Zipp Aero Bar, Sram Rival 1 with black cassette, TRP Sprye, ROLLCii REX DB and MAXXIS RAZE cross tire. We particularly loved the use of “ Destroyed Finish” Thomson stem matched with black camo Lizard bar tap. BROOKS CAMBIUM B13 and TUNE Wurger are also the best touch.

The result is a true aggressive and ready-to- go-everywhere gravel machine.


We love riders's creations. A great customized-built bike always grabs our attention, especially special one like this bike.

Our friend wanted a flat bar commuting & cross bike particular for his daily riding base.  He started with a tangerine EVERYMILE A+frame set, and choose not to buy any super pricy group set on this bike this time, so he pulled off his SHIMANO XT 9speed from his old mountain bike and collected White Industries NEO crankset and Paul Chain Keeper & Microshift Thumbie to build his unique 1x9 speed drivetrain. The bike is finally juiced up with Ritchey cockpits, Paul Canti Lever and Velo Orange Grand Cru Zeste cantilever brakes. Believe me, 9 speed is not totally dead yet and still quite enough for most riding occasions.


Thanks our friend to share images with us and PINECONE WORKS for their professional mechanical support.

MKT Tubing

VELOCI is lucky to have our engineering base in Taiwan. Therefore, we can work very closely with component makers, frame builders and even tubing suppliers. Combining the advantage we have and considering there is no secret that some Columbus & Reynolds tubes are outsourced to Taiwan already. So we decide to do something on our own.  We decide to build our frame with our own customized tubes after several years working with our tubing suppliers and tubing add-on processing plant.


What is MKT tubing? In short, it’s custom, extruded & heat-treated tubing. Custom tubing allows us to use the thinnest walls practical while maintaining same strength and weight targets. Rather than just accepting the standard offering from tube supplier, MKT gives our engineer team the opportunity to design our bike with customized butting profile and wall diameters. Good & creative ideas are not limited by accepting standard tube.  What is more surprising is not only front triangle can be customized, but stays as well. Yes, full customization.


For example, how custom? On the forthcoming gravel disc bike we are about to offer. We can customize asymmetric butting on toptube and downtube at the headtube junction. We increase the wall thickness at the top of toptube and bottom of downtube to create a similar effect of adding external headtube gussets. This allows us to build a frame stronger, lighter and better-looking. This customization advantage allows us to improve riding quality of our line and differentiate our bikes from the rest in the market.


We plan to expand our MKT tubing to more models, but not all of them.  Because in some cases, standard tubes just perfectly fits our need. When we want to go deeper in one project. You will see MKT tubing marks on our frame.